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Partitioning with InnoDB Without -innodb_file_per_table the partitions are in the centralized table space With -innodb_file_per_table each partit Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising InnoDB file-per-table tablespaces can use different row formats. A specific row format can be specified when creating a table either by setting the ROW_FORMAT table option or by the setting the innodb_default_row_format system variable. See Setting a Table's Row Format for more information on how to set an InnoDB table's row format Documented bugfix in the 5.1.24 and 6.0.5 changelogs as follows: Enabling innodb_file_per_table produced problems with partitioning and tablespace operations on partitioned InnoDB tables, in some cases leading to corrupt partitions or causing the server to crash

Partitioning and repartitioning operations involving InnoDB tables may be made more efficient by enabling innodb_file_per_table. See also Maximum number of partitions. Table locks. Generally, the process executing a partitioning operation on a table takes a write lock on the table You can use raw disk partitions as data files in the InnoDB system tablespace. This technique enables nonbuffered I/O on Windows and on some Linux and Unix systems without file system overhead. Perform tests with and without raw partitions to verify whether this change actually improves performance on your system The innodb_file_per_table variable must be enabled, which it is by default. Copy the .ibd and .cfg files for partition p2 and partition p3 from the source instance schema directory to the destination instance schema directory. shell> scp t1#p#. When partitioning a large table, I have a choice to set the flag -innodb_file_per_table to TRUE or FALSE. True will create many files (one per partition) and greatly increase my disk usage, but allows me to spread partitions on different volumes (which I do not plan to do)

There are a few things that could use some clarification. InnoDB tables are organized into 1 MB extents which with the default page size for uncompressed tables is 64 pages. Very small tables with innodb_file_per_table = 1 are allowed to be less than one extent, mainly as an optimization for people who have many very small tables. However as the table grows beyond a few pages it starts to ramp up the allocation sizes in order to avoid overhead and minimize fragmentation of the table, as you. Because innodb_file_per_table affects new tables only, created after innodb_file_per_table is enabled, we need to recreate old databases to force innodb_file_per_table on old tables and reclaim some disk space. Backup First. Create a dir to take backups: cd ~ mkdir backup cd backup Copy mysql data files (raw) If all goes well, we will not need this. For better results, shut down PHP and other. Since doing OPTIMIZE PARTITION on innodb table will lock the whole table. mysql innodb. share | improve this question | follow | edited Aug 18 '16 at 19:55. Ali Raza. asked Aug 18 '16 at 19:10. Ali Raza Ali Raza. 13 4 4 bronze badges. add a comment | 1 Answer Active Oldest Votes. 1. You have not said what value innodb_file_per_table was set to when you created the table. If OFF, you have no. To enable a raw disk partition, first start MariaDB with the newraw option set on the tablespace. For example: [mariadb] innodb_data_file_path=/dev/sdc:10Gnewraw When the MariaDB Server starts, it initializes the partition. Don't create or change any data, (any data written to InnoDB at this stage will be lost on restart)

Partitioning with InnoDB Without -innodb_file_per_table

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  1. If your database size is larger than 1 TB, you should create the table in innodb_file_per_table tablespace. If you have a single table size larger than 1 TB, you should use the partition table. join_buffer_size. Review the MySQL documentation to learn more about this parameter
  2. I am running MySql innodb with innodb_file_per_table. As a daily script, I would like to create a new partition for a set of tables, as well as delete yesterday's partitions. What command would need to be run to delete the old partitions to free up the disk space? I would like to avoid having a system that runs out of disk space because of the.
  3. Après que InnoDB a initialisé l'espace de table, arrêtez le serveur et remplacez newraw par raw dans la spécification de partition, puis redémarrez le serveur. Par exemple, pour utiliser une partition Unix 10Go nommé/dev/hdc6, commencer par une configuration comme ceci: [mysqld] innodb_data_home_dir= innodb_data_file_path=/dev/hdc6:10Gnewra
  4. Note: I am not sure running with innodb_file_per_table=0 even makes any sense in these days, and in the combination with the long weird partition name it makes the failure rather theoretical. Filing as a subproduct of an exercise suggested by Marko. --source include/have_innodb.inc--source include/have_partition.inc set @per_table= @@innodb_file_per_table; set global innodb_file_per_table= 0.

14.5.3 Using Raw Disk Partitions for the System Tablespace. 14.5.4 InnoDB File-Per-Table Tablespaces. 14.5.5 Creating a File-Per-Table Tablespace Outside the Data Directory . 14.5.6 Copying File-Per-Table Tablespaces to Another Server. 14.5.7 Storing InnoDB Undo Logs in Separate Tablespaces . 14.5.1 Resizing the InnoDB System Tablespace This section describes how to increase or decrease the. 对于mysql的innodb的分区,我们首先要先了解一下innodb的数据结构,而且要了解一下什么是独立表空间和共享表空间 独立表空间:每一张表都会生成独立的文件来进行存储,每一张表都有一个.frm表描述文件,和一个.ibd文件。其中ibd文件包括了单独一个表的数据内容和索引内容

Moving Table Partitions Between Tablespaces Using ALTER TABLE. Dropping a General Tablespace. General Tablespace Limitations. General Tablespace Capabilities . The general tablespace feature provides the following capabilities: Similar to the system tablespace, general tablespaces are shared tablespaces that can store data for multiple tables. General tablespaces have a potential memory. Add your innodb_file_per_table option to my.cnf. Restart mySQL and re-import all innodb tables. If a system is already running without innodb_file_per_table and the ibdata file is already large on your system to not be switching. The reason is as data is removed this file will remain the same size. So you'll end up with wasted space over time as less of your tables use the ibdata1 file. If you. @@ -0,0 +1,46 @@--source include/have_innodb.inc--source include/have_partition.inc--echo #--echo # MDEV-15953 Alter InnoDB Partitioned Table Moves Files (which were originally not in the datadir) to the datadi MariaDB fordert innodb_file_per_table, was zunächst nichts anderes bedeutet, als das die innodb-Tables nicht mehr alle als ein einziges, dickes File abgespeichert werden, sondern wie alle anderen Tabellen auch, in einzelne Files. Einfach eintragen und neu Starten kann hier schon deshalb zu Problemen führen, weil der Startprozess in ein Timeout läuft, wenn die Umwandlung zu einzelnen Files.

Tip MySQL: innodb_file_per_table ou comment utiliser des fichiers de table séparés pour éviter le manque d'espace disque!! 23 mai 2013 par Emmanuel Pellegrin. Bon, je suis pas très fier de ce que j'ai fait mais je vous relate mes erreurs et comment je suis arrivé à les résoudre pour vous éviter de faire pareil Situation. J'installe Mysql sur mon nouveau serveur dédié. MySQL ne réduit pas la taille de ibdata1. Déjà. Même si vous utilisez optimize table pour libérer l'espace utilisé des enregistrements supprimés, il sera réutilisé ultérieurement.. Une alternative consiste à configurer le serveur pour utiliser innodb_file_per_table, mais cela nécessitera une sauvegarde, une firebase database de suppression et une restauration

MySQL Bugs: #33429: Inndob innodb_file_per_table drop and

Without PARTITION The guidelines are here: Cookbook for creating indexes from SELECTs PARTITION Maintenance for the Time-Series Case Let's focus on the maintenance task involved in Case #1, as described above. You have a large table that is growing on one end and being purged on the other. Examples include news, logs, and other transient information. PARTITION BY RANGE is an excellent vehicle. innodb_file_per_table; innodb_file_per_database; Ce qu'il faut savoir c'est que ces fichiers ibdata ne diminue jamais tout seul même si la base ou la table concernée est nettoyée. Si vous désirez gagner de la place disque le mieux est de recréer la table qui pose problème (sauvegarde puis injection). La fonction OPTIMIZE TABLE fait ça. Each partition is a different tablespace and has its own tablespace id. When you create an InnoDB table without partitioning, the internal tablespace id counter is incremented by 1. When you create an InnoDB table with paritions, the internal tablespace id counter is incremented by the number of partitions. The actual tablespace id is stored in each partition's .ibd file somewhere within the. innodb_file_per_table. Then in /var/lib/mysql (or whatever your MySQL datadir is), move the following files somewhere else. I would not suggest deleting them just yet: ibdata1; ib_logfile* Now start MySQL. The above files will be recreated, but should be much smaller. Step 3: Re-import data. We're now going to re-import all the data that we exported previously. If you used our script to the. Percona Server for MySQL; PS-7168; Determine if file per tablespace using table flags to prevent assertio

Peut-être devriez-vous passer à un schéma innodb-per-table utilisant innodb_file_per_table. 76 . 8 avr. 2009 Martin C. Une autre raison possible est que la partition est pleine. C'est ce qui m'est arrivé maintenant. 74 . 28 mai 2011 maaartinus. Vous obtiendrez également la même erreur ERREUR 1114 (HY000): la table '# sql-310a_8867d7f' est pleine . si vous essayez d'ajouter un index à. The innodb_file_per_table is enabled by default in MySQL 5.6 and above. You can see that in /etc/my.cnf file. The directive looks like this: innodb_file_per_table=1 2. Store MySQL Database Data on Separate Partition. Note: This setup only works with MySQL, but not with MariaDB. Sometimes OS read/writes can slow down the performance of your MySQL server, especially if located on same hard drive. Aug 24, 2016 · Maybe you should switch to an innodb-per-table scheme using innodb_file_per_table. share | follow | edited Sep 14 '17 at 14:36. answered Apr 8 '09 at 15:45. Martin C. Martin C. 10.2k 5 5 gold badges 37 37 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. C where we get this my.cnf file in ubuntu - user5260349 Jun 16 '17 at 7:42. 3 @Nadh In Ubuntu 16.04 it's part of /etc/mysql/ and is partly splitted into. mysql在已有表增加partition,mysql5.5才有,可以是innodb_file_per_table关闭状态. ##初始表. CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `ccc` ( `a` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `b` int(11) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`a`)) ENGINE=InnoDB; #更改表为partition. ALTER TABLE ccc. PARTITION BY RANGE(a)(PARTITION p0 VALUES LESS THAN (2) Partition with sub-partitions (composite partitioning which can be any combination of the above) For InnoDB make sure that the system variable innodb_file_per_table = 1 for the tables to be stored in different tablespaces which can be moved around as needed. To determine if partitioning is supported issue the command in the mysql console SHOW PLUGINS; Select all Open in new window. and you.

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Overview. By default, MySQL versions prior to 5.6.6 store all table data in a single file called ibdata1.Since that version, the default has changed to store each table in its own set of files. This is specified using the innodb_file_per_table setting.. The following steps will replace the use of the single file with that of one file per table Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques instants ! Je m'inscris J'utilise MySQL 5.7, configuré avec innodb, et innodb_file_per_table = on. D'après ce que je lis je devrais pouvoir obtenir une table de plusieurs terra, mais ça plante à 4 Go. Je suis sur un disque de 2T en NTFS, avec 1,5T disponible... Si vous avez une idée, je suis preneur. Merci d'avance, JP Voici la config innodb: Code : Sélectionner tout-Visualiser dans une fenêtre à part: 1 2 3.

Si vous n'utilisez pas innodb_file_per_table, la récupération de l'espace disque est possible, mais assez fastidieuse et nécessite beaucoup de temps d'arrêt.. Le How To est assez en profondeur - mais j'ai collé la partie pertinente ci-dessous.. Assurez-vous de conserver également une copie de votre schéma dans votre fichier. Actuellement, vous ne pouvez pas supprimer un fichier de. soit tu as spécifié la variable innodb_file_per_table dans le fichier de configuration et la le fonctionnement se rapproche du l'utilisation de MyISAM (un fichier de structure et un fichier de données et d'index par table) Un optimiste, c'est un homme qui plante deux glands et qui s'achète un hamac - Jean de Lattre de Tassigny Pensez à mettre [RÉSOLU] dans le sujet de vos posts une.

MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: 23.6 Restrictions ..

REORGANIZE, not OPTIMIZE PARTITION SHOW TABLE STATUS - Data_free: - innodb_file_per_table = OFF: free space in ibdata1 - innodb_file_per_table = ON: usually 4-7M (in larger tables/partitions InnoDB File-Per-Table Tablespaces When you create a table using theInnoDB storage engine, data written to that table is stored on the file system in a data file called a tablespace. Tablespace files

MySQL :: MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual :: The System ..

Mariabackup can help you in performing backups. The partial backup allows you to choose / select databases or tables to backup, as long as the table or partition is involved is in InnoDB file-per-table tablespace , In this blog post we have explained how to successfully perform MariaDB partial backup and restore with Mariabackup: . Step-by-step MariaDB partial backup with Mariabacku repair partition table free download. GPT fdisk GPT fdisk is a disk partitioning tool loosely modeled on Linux fdisk, but used for modifying GUID P Our 15 tables are partitioned (with 1024 partitions each), the innodb_file_per_table is on, and data is compressed (key-buffer-size=4). Total db content is only 15G. Our Inserts drop to 2500 samples / seconds (400 kB per second) when compression is on. We perform bulk inserts (i.e. values (),(),(),). I set the innodb_buffer_pool_size to 1G (having 4G ram) which seems to be the highest. innodb_file_per_table was not enabled, so all of the tablespace data is in ibdata1. The table has over 1 billion rows and ibdata1 is 800GB. I'm currently in the process of copying the db to a test server to test different partitioning schemes and have enabled innodb_file_per_table. The structure of the table is as follows Information about table definitions is stored both in the .frm files, and in the InnoDB data dictionary.If you move .frm files around, or if the server crashes in the middle of a data dictionary operation, these sources of information can become inconsistent.. If a data dictionary corruption or consistency issue prevents you from starting InnoDB, see Section 14.22.2, Forcing InnoDB Recovery.

If @@innodb_file_per_table is set to OFF when the table is partitioned, all partitions are stored in the InnoDB system tablespace, but in different areas. If this variable is set to 1, each partition is stored in a different file.. Storage engines that store data and indexes in separate files, such as Aria and MyISAM, create a data file and an index file for each partition IRC#zabbix <Richlv> you suggest innodb_file_per_table=1 without explanation on why. technically, single tablespace should be faster than one file per table You're right, shared tablespace could be faster, but it can bring some problems too, mainly if you have huge tables with 1 billion rows. I added in the post some explanation about my suggestion. Reply. n00b2u says: November 30, 2011 at. Cette rubrique fournit des instructions pour la configuration des paramètres de serveur dans Azure Database pour MySQL main.partition_innodb_plugin fails in buildbot (innodb-mdev7046 is to blame) Log In. Export. XML Word Printable. Details. Type: Bug. Le paramètre innodb_file_per_table est activé par défaut dans MySQL 5.6 et plus. Vous pouvez voir que dans my.cnf fichier. La directive ressemble à ceci: innodb_file_per_table=1. Taille du cache InnoDB . Plus le cache est grand, moins MySQL devra aller chercher de données sur le disque lors de requêtes et donc plus la base sera rapide. Sous InnoDB, la taille du cache est gérée par le. Importing InnoDB Table

Ce livre sur l'exploitation des bases de données MySQL (versions 5.1 à 5.6) s'adresse aux architectes et administrateurs de bases de données, aux chefs de projets techniques et bien entendu à tous les développeurs qui souhaitent utiliser de façon. The failure starts from innodb.innodb-mdev7046 test. It drops/re-created the `test` schema, thus getting db.opt created. I suggest not to do it in innodb-mdev7046 at all, it seem There is a innodb_file_per_table=true config directive that helps a lot but it doesn't help once you have the problem, it only helps if you implement it from day 1 of running your mysql/mariadb server. With innodb_file_per_table, it places the data for that table in its own file in the directory used for the rest of that database - without it, all innodb tables share the ibdata files. With. When data and indexes are in the ibdata file(s), more than one location can be specified, on different partitions. So with innodb_file_per_table, there is less flexibility to spread I/O across different disks. 2) .ibd files regain space after defragmenting with OPTIMIZE TABLE. Data and indexes get fragmented, and fragmentation can be fixed with OPTIMIZE TABLE. However, with all data and.

mySQL partitioning multi-file vs

  1. Improved table/partition import is only available in Percona Server for MySQL and MySQL 5.6, this means that partitions which were backed up from different server can be imported as well. For versions older than MySQL 5.6 only partitions from that server can be imported with some important limitations
  2. In general, a better practice is to partition data into smaller tables, which can improve performance and recovery times. One option that you can use for breaking a large table up into smaller tables is partitioning. Partitioning distributes portions of your large table into separate files based on rules that you specify. For example, if you store transactions by date, you can create.
  3. We need to manually enable the innodb_file_per_table variable for individual tablespace till MySQL 5.6. From MySQL 5.6, it was enabled as default. The file contains the tables data and index pages. The individual table space adds more benefit to the database while comparing to the disadvantages. In case of partition each partition is distinguished by a ibd file and SDI files take care of the.

mysql - InnoDB + innodb_file_per_table: Configurable

If innodb_file_per_table is ON the dropped table are on disk partition. Stop MySQL and re-mount it as read-only ASAP. If MySQL was on a root partition (which is not good idea btw) then take an image or take the disk out and plug into another server. Stop all writes in other words. If innodb_file_per_table OFF then just stop MySQL. Then download and compile the un-drop tool for InnoDB from. innodb_file_per_table innodb_buffer_pool_size = 2G innodb_write_io_threads = 8 innodb_read_io_threads = 8 innodb_thread_concurrency = 16 innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 1 innodb_log_buffer_size = 8M . Table Structure . Tables contained 3 columns (ID, Time, Value). To keep MySQL tables relatively small, and to scale well, I had created a framework around this, whose job was to create new dated.

Enable innodb_file_per_table & Fix Old Database

  1. Bonjour, Nous avons installé en février 2016 la version 2.7 de centreon from scratch. Nous avons en tout 5 serveurs ( 3 pollers, 1 central pour l
  2. Restoring the Backup. The restore process for restoring individual tables and/or partitions is quite different than the process for full backups.. Rather than using the --copy-back or the --move-back, each individual InnoDB file-per-table tablespace file will have to be manually imported into the target server. The process that is used to restore the backup will depend on whether partitioning.
  3. innodb_file_per_table is by default ON Mysql 5.6.6 and onwards. There is plenty of stuff on Google about pros & cons of innodb_file_per_table. This post details how to enable innodb_file_per_table on an existing database. Because innodb_file_per_table affects new tables only, created after innodb_file_per_table is enabled, we need to recreate old databases to force innodb_file_per_table on old.
  4. istrateurs de bases de données, aux chefs de projets techniques et bien entendu à tous les développeurs qui souhaitent utiliser de façon pertinente et efficace toutes les fonctionnalités de ce serveur et aussi écrire des requêtes optimisées
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  1. When a partition name is specified, subpartitions of that partition are included in the operation. In replication scenarios, innodb_file_per_table must be set to ON on both the master and slave. On Windows, InnoDB stores database, tablespace, and table names internally in lowercase. To avoid import problems on case-sensitive operating systems such as Linux and UNIX, create all databases.
  2. Migration to innodb-file per table: When a table is moved out of the system tablespace into its own .ibd file, the data files that make up the system tablespace remain the same size. The space formerly occupied by the table can be reused for new InnoDB data,but is not reclaimed for use by the operating system
  3. Thanks a lot for your answer! However, when I used the option innodb_file_per_table I saw that the temp file (#sql...) was created in my DB directory and on this partition I still have plenty of space (more than 200GB). Do you think I CAN'T use this option for such a big table and I have to use innodb_data_file_path
  4. How MySQL behaves with many schemata, tables and partitions. Wed, 2011-11-30 15:35 — Shinguz. Introduction. Recently a customer claimed that his queries were slow some times and sometimes they were fast..
  5. 转载、节选于 . this section covers topics related to innodb tablespaces.. 1.the system tablespace. the innodb system tablespace is the storage area for the doublewrite buffer and the change buffer. the system tablespace also contains table and index data for user-created tables created in the system tablespace. in previous releases, the system tablespace contained the innodb data.

InnoDB System Tablespaces - MariaDB Knowledge Bas

This means InnoDB will perpetually show <10MB of space (resulting in a permanent Munin warning) yet will always seamlessly autoextend as needed. The only limit in such a configuration is the partition that /var/lib/mysql is stored on. This render's the InnoDB free tablespace useless in an autoextend configuration It happened in a replication setup on master, but lucky they were, they had used innodb_file_per_table=1 and they had a slave that was more or less in sync with master. This allowed to reconfigure replication and continue to work, but the task remained to eventually put master back in use and get correct data in the corrupted partition. Let's assume that dumping and reloading data from one of. In this post we will show how to recover MySQL table or database in case innodb_file_per_table is ON. So, let's assume that mysql server has setting innodb_file_per_table=ON. This option tells InnoDB to store each table with user in a separate data file MySQL InnoDB - innodb_file_per_table - ryhdu.blogspot.com 32 25. Then MySQL 4.1.1 introduced file-per-table tablespaces for InnoDB with the innodb_file_per_table setting, which would store data and indices for newly created tables in a separate .ibd file per table. This setting became enabled by default in MySQL 5.6.6. When using file-per-table tablespaces, it is possible to use the DATA DIRECTORY = 'path' clause with CREATE TABLE to place the data for the.

mysql - Partitionner et libérer de l'espace disqu

  1. Disque plein, ou config InnoDB foireuse (innodb_file_per_table pas activé et/ou taille maximum limitée dans la ligne innodb_data_file_path) dallas62 7 novembre 2012 à 21:34:03. Sys. de fichiers Taille Uti. Disp. Uti% Mont sur /dev/md1 10G 1,5G 8,0G 16% / tmpfs 12G 0 12G 0% /lib/init/rw udev 10M 228K 9,8M 3% /dev tmpfs 12G 0 12G 0% /dev/shm /dev/md2 27G 26G 0 100% /home /dev/md0 1,8T 14G 1.
  2. alter table foo partition by list (day(date_added)) ( partition p00 values in (0,1) , partition p02 values in (2,3) , partition p04 values in (4,5) , partition p06 values in (6,7) , partition p08 values in (8,9) , partition p10 values in (10,11), partition p12 values in (12,13), partition p14 values in (14,15), partition p16 values in (16,17), partition p18 values in (18,19), partition p20.
  3. Moment when you are creating new partitions and dropping old ones is not relevant. What is in such case important is moment is time when SQL engine starts using new partition. Usually partitions time windows ends at 24:00 so just before this moment is highest IO impact. BTW: you don't need to use external partitions maintenance script. To.

MariaDB 10.4 InnoDB File-Per-Table Tablespaces - Solve

Ever notice that it grows even with innodb_file_per_table on? That's from deletes actions and is useless data. Additionally the only way to shrink that file is to do a full export to text and import after blowing away the master ibdata file(s). Another solution is a mySQL partition table, think of it as a layer that sits in-front of the storage engine and relies heavily on the optimizer. The. During this process, MariaDB might need to create a temporary file that will require additional temporary disk space on the partition, so you can end up in the situation where you were have no available space left and the process will abort. This can be an issue since we are trying to release space. A possible solution is to perform a db dump/reload instead

To avoid a startup failure on MySQL 8.0, remove any instance of NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER from sql_modesystem variable settings in MySQL option files.; Validate the execution plan of your optimizer hints after upgrade from MySQL 5.7 to 8.0 , Some optimizer hint may even be counterproductiv MySQL partitions tutorial MySQL 5.1 Partitions Sarah Sproehnle Senior MySQL Instructor Giuseppe Maxia MySQL Community Team Lead MySQL - Sun Microsystems ; about us - Sarah Sproehnle Senior MySQL Instructor Specializes in courses about Administration, Clustering and Performance Tuning Subject Matter Expert on many courses Has taught hundreds of courses on 3 continents Formerly a developer. Add the innodb_file_per_table option to your my.cnf; Re-initialize the database with the following command (replace the 'mysqld' with the of the user your MySQL server runs as) (10x, Påven): sudo -u mysqld mysql_install_db; Start the MySQL server; Get into the MySQL console and type: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; SOURCE 'all-databases.sql'; SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=1; Restart the MySQL. Also, with the innodb_file_per_table option, you know what table is in each file. You know that table foo is in the foo.idb file. No other table's data or index information is going to be in there. There is still a shared tablespace but it is going to be much smaller and more manageable. It contains the shared meta-data of all the databases, not individual table data. With the. Using transient stats instead. 2016-03-29 18:00:21 7f263f7fa700 InnoDB: Error: Table mysql.innodb_table_stats not found. 2016-03-29 18:00:21 7f263f7fa700 InnoDB: Error: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table aaa.members_i /* Partition p3 */ but the required system tables mysql.innodb_table_stats and mysql.innodb_index_stats are not present or have unexpected structure.

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